Hey, I'm Théo Jaunet

I'm a Ph.D. student at LIRIS lab, INSA-Lyon (France) since september 2018, where I'm advised by Romain Vuillemot and Christian Wolf. My research is funded for 3 years by a French ministry Ph.D. fellowship and supported by the M2I project. More information here.

Towards Fuzzy Geo-Set Visual Analysis

Romain Vuillemot, Liqun Liu, Theo Jaunet    
Towards Fuzzy Geo-Set Visual Analysis

Intersection of geo-sets with variability (e. g., time) captured by the membership function µS (e).


Reasoning over spatial regions is frequent in everyday life. For instance, when moving to a new city, one may want to pick a locations based on its reachability by bus or at a walking distance to school and workplace. Geo-sets—spatial regions plus a category—are well suited to support picking such consensual locations: overlaps of two (or more) sets indicate places that match preferences (e. g., reachable by bus or close to schools).